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  • Tessi TM,Tessi TM, Brumm S, Winklbauer E, Schumacher B, Pettinari G, Lescano CI, González CA, Wanke D, Maurino VG, Harter K, and Desimone M (2021) Arabidopsis AZG2 transports cytokinins in vivo and regulates lateral root emergence.



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  • Tessi TM, Brumm S, Winklbauer E, Schumacher B, Lescano CI, González CA, Wanke D, Maurino VG,  Harter K, and Desimone M (2020) Arabidopsis AZG2, an auxin induced putative cytokinin transporter, regulates lateral root emergence. bioRxiv 2020.01.31.927970; doi:10.1101/2020.01.31.927970 Article
  • Schmidt A, Mächtel R, Ammon A, Engelsdorf T, Schmitz J, Maurino VG, and Voll L (2020) Reactive oxygen species dosage in Arabidopsis chloroplasts can improve resistance towards Colletotrichum higginsianum by the activation of WRKY33. New Phytol. 226, 189–204. Article
  • Badia MB, Maurino VG, Pavlovic T, Arias CL, Pagani MA, Andreo CS, Saigo M, Drincovich MF, and Gerrard Wheeler MC (2020) Loss of function of Arabidopsis NADP-malic enzyme 1 results in enhanced tolerance to aluminum stress. Plant J. 101, 653–665. Abstract
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  • Sewelam N, Kazan K, Hüdig M, Maurino VG, and Schenk PM (2019) The AtHSP17.4C1 gene expression is mediated by diverse signals that link biotic and abiotic stress factors with ROS and can be a useful molecular marker for oxidative stress. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 20, 3201. Abstract
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2011 and earlier

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Granted patents

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