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Cost calculation for lipid measurements at the Lipidomics Facility of University of Bonn.

Because of the high costs for mass spectrometry, we need to charge the following amounts (in Euro).
Please make sure that your samples are free of detergents, PEG, plasticizers etc. We recommend that you extract your samples at your institution and ship them to us at ambient temperature. We recommend to have 5 samples (replicas) for each measuring point (wild type, mutant, etc.). For large sample sets, a discount can be arranged.

Costs are calculated for each sample processed.


1. The measurement of phospholipids/galactolipids of wild type and one mutant line of Arabidopsis plants, grown at normal and low temperature amounts to (you perform the lipid isolation): 
2 lines x 5 replicas x 2 conditions x 50 Euro = 1000 Euro.

2. Measurement of triacylglycerol/diacylglycerol in 20 plant lines (we perform lipid isolation and SPE on silica columns):
20 lines x 5 replicas x (20 Euro + 20 Euro + 50 Euro) = 9000 Euro.

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