Graduiertenkolleg 2064 (GRK2064) Research Training Network 2064
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Overview of the RTG research projects

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ProjectPrinciple InvestigatorProject title
P1Dorothea BartelsThe role of aldehyde dehydrogenases in drought tole-rance: A comparative analysis
in Arabidopsis and barley
P2Peter DörmannThe role of tocopherol (vitamin E) during drought stress in Arabidopsis and barley
P3Peter DörmannThe role of wax esters in protecting Arabidopsis and barley plants against water loss
P4Frank HochholdingerRoot-type and tissue specific transcriptome responses to water deficit during early
barley development
P5Jens Léon
Ali Ahmad Naz
Allele mining and functional characterization of genes regulating proline
metabolism under drought stress in barley
P6Andreas MeyerDynamic redox signalling in guard cells
P7Lukas SchreiberSuberin biosynthesis in barley roots in response to water deficiency in soil
P8Markus SchwarzländerRedox control of respiratory re-modelling during drought
P9Wim SoppeDesiccation tolerance in seeds
P10Maria von KorffGenetic control of reproductive development under drought and ABA